Order Policies


  • Please note that we try our best to accommodate certain dietary restrictions where possible, however we can not guarantee none cross contamination for persons with allergic conditions. 
  • We require full payment of the order at checkout.
  • For Custom orders a payable invoice will be sent to your email:
    • for orders over $150 full payment is required 10-days before order pick up;
    • for orders under $150 full payment is required 5-days before order pick up;
    • Please note that we will consider the order cancelled, if payment is not received on time.
  • We are a small bakery with a small team, so we are able to take a limited amount of orders per week.
  • We require a min of 4-day cancellation notice in order to receive a full refund. After that, no refunds will be made. If there is an emergency or illness, a credit equal to the paid amount will be transferred to a future order.
  • When an order is picked up at the shop, it is considered inspected by the customer and accepted and that there are no issues with it. This is the time to verbalize if you want any minor changes to the cake (e.g Happy Birthday tag). Significant changes or add-ons will incur an extra charge.
  • Once the product leaves the shop, it is the responsibility of the customer. We are NOT responsible for any damage that might occur during transportation or set up. Cakes are fragile, and damage can occur if not handled properly.
  • Desserts and food in general is subjective. Refunds will not be issued if the dessert is not to your liking. At our sole discretion and determination, a percentage of the cost may be eligible for store credit, if the item is returned within 24-hours and we determine that the quality was subpar to our standards. To use up a store credit: email us directly and we will honour the store credit amount that was agreed on.
  • All our orders are hand-made so no 2 cakes will look exactly the same. When you send us a picture of a design for a cake or dessert, we use that picture only for INSPIRATION only and NOT DUPLICATION and that includes colour matching.
  • Fresh Flowers  - all flowers used for decoration are not edible and should be removed before consuming. We place the flowers onto a dollop of icing, that should not be consumed, and should be removed before eating as well.

  • Colour Matching: We will try our best to match the colours for your order as close as possible to the images depicted on our website.  However, please understand that colours are subjective, and food colouring is volatile based on its application, hence, we can not guarantee an exact match to our website images, as colour perception varies based on ambient lighting conditions. We will not accept returns or provide a refund or store credit for perceived colour variations.


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